Sunday, August 5, 2012

How I Go Home - Project 1

How I Go Home Organizer

Like many of you I have become addicted to Pinterest. My cousin introduced me to Pinterest in May of this year. I found two items on Pinterest that I really wanted to make over the summer for my classroom.

The first one I found was a display that a teacher made to organize and display how her students went home. I loved that she had ribbons and clothes pins to display this. I am sure like many of you, my students transportation changes constantly. Here is what I came up for my classroom.

I purchased most of these items at local craft stores. Now that I am teaching Kindergarten Readiness I have discovered my crafty side.

I purchased the following items from Hobby Lobby
* board
* acrylic paint
* ribbon
* paint brushes
* small sander
* wood transportation vehicles

I painted over the race car "fire" and pained the ambulance to make it a day care van. :)

I purchased the following items at Michael's
* sparkly foam letter stickers
* sparkly foam butterflies
* Small bottle of chalk board paint

To create the polka dots I bought the perfect "dot" brush. I really don't know what else to call them. This was a very simple and easy project. The easiest one of the summer. :)

You will notice that I do not have butterflies for our bus rooms. When school starts I will create butterflies with those teacher's names on them. This will help substitutes make sure my students go to the correct room for dismissal. :)

Reminder's Wall:

This idea came the kindergarten teacher across the hall from me.  We added our How I Go Home organizers to this reminder wall.
In this area I have several things posted.

1.  How I Go Home
2.  Related Arts Schedule
3.  Room Phone Numbers
4.  Small white board to write quick reminders.


  1. Love it!!!! What great ideas and a REALLY outstanding blogsite! Take care, and have a great year! ((HUGS)) to Anubis! ^..^

    1. Thanks & I will miss you this year! I will also add my technology tips, websites, etc. to this blog. I'll let you know when I get that part up. Hug your fur babies for me. :)