Technology in the Classroom

I have just found the BEST new technology resource for our classroom & it is FREE!!!!!!................ Reminder 101

Have you ever gotten home and remembered that you needed to send a REMINDER note home with your students?  Some of you are thinking, just send an e-mail.  I do then sit down and send an e-mail to those who have one.  With the clientele that I teach not all of them have computers or internet, but they ALL have cell phones. How about sending a TEXT message to your parents?  The best parts are that they DO NOT see your cell phone number AND they CANNOT respond to the text message.

With this App you can send out a reminder message about a field trip, picture day, a change in homework, or a reminder about the next day being a test and. on a day before THE BIG test you can ask the parents to get their child to bed early and plan a good breakfast.

It is VERY easy for teachers and parents to sign up for and use!!!!!

Here is how it works for teachers:
1. I, the teacher, would go to the website and create an account and a classroom, or
   download the app.  They have one for the iPhone and Android.

2. You will get a class "phone number" and a code.

3.  Give  the parents the text code that they need to send to a phone number that is
     assigned to your class.

4.  The parents would then get a text saying, "Your Name" needs them to respond to the
      text identifying themselves.
       a.  I would have the parents add who their child is into their name.
       b. At NO point do you see the parents' phone number.
       c.  You also will NEVER import it into your phone or contacts. :)

5. Once I have my parents imported I can send a mass text out to the parents.
    a. I can only send a text to everyone.
    b. I cannot choose individual recipients. It is all or nothing.
. They CANNOT reply to any text you would send them. If they tried to 
       reply to one of your texts Reminder101 would send them an alert stating that they
       cannot reply to the text.
6.  VERY user friendly!!!!

Side Notes to Remember:
1.  I would strongly suggest that you get permission from your administrator.
2.  Remember this is FREE for teachers, BUT if a parent/person has limited texts with
     their cell phone carrier they may be charged. 
3.  You can ONLY send a mass message to all of your parents.  You CANNOT pick and
     choose parents to send a message to.

What a great tool for teachers and the best thing is that it is FREE!!


Their website:

What a great tool for teachers and the best thing is that it is FREE.

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