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More Calendar Patterns for...

Spring & Summer Calendar Patterns for Your Classroom

As a KRC teacher, Kindergarten Readiness, with a MA degree in technology I LOVE to create different items that I can use in my classroom. 

My first summer project was to finish creating at least one pattern calendar for ever month.  I have just finished this project, and plan to create a few calendar options.  My students LOVE the pattern calendars and “predicting” what picture/pattern will come next. 
The pattern calendars are great to use during calendar time in the Early Childhood classroom, or just for fun in an Elementary or Middle School Classroom.


May Calendar:   ABCD Calendar
This is my favorite calendar that I created.  I have added samples of what the calendar pages look like. 

What is in this packet?

1.  You will find a 30 or 31 day pattern calendar.  The pattern is completed for you.

2.  You will also find extra blank pieces in the calendar to use in case you lose a piece, or if you need an extra to finish the pattern.
3.  You will find holiday pieces in this pack to use for the month. 

4.  This packet contains directions on how to print and use this packet as your calendar and as another resource in your math centers.

Use this packet as your calendar:

     Use the calendar pieces to help you teach patterns along with your other math skills during calendar time.  Of course I start with the first day of the month, and each day my students tell me what number goes next and what pattern piece goes next.  This pattern is repeated all month long.

Math Center Ideas:

     I also use these pieces in math centers for numeral recognition, numerical order, and patterning.  You can do the activities listed below in small groups, one-on-one, or in a math center.

a. Numeral Recognition
b. Numerical Order
c. Patterns

Here are a few more images of other calendars that I have created.

March Calendar:   ABCCD Calendar

April Calendar:   ABBC Calendar

June Calendar:   ABCCD Calendar
July Calendar:   ABAB Calendar


 August & September Calendar:   ABC Calendar

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