Sunday, January 6, 2013

Calendar- Patterns- Lessons

Patterns- Calendar Time-Math

As we begin the spring semester of school we will begin to really work on and understanding patterns. We have been discussing patterns the last few months as we did our calendar time. I decided to create calendars with thematic patterns for my classroom.

In these thematic calendars you will find.

* 31 or a 28 day calendar in a complete pattern.

* February Title that matches the clip art of the dates in the calendar.

* There are several blank pieces of each clip art that is used in the calendar. Use these pieces as replacement pieces, or to finish a pattern.

* Directions

The first theme that I used was winter. Here arte two winter themed calendars.

Winter Themed Calendar #1: ABBC Pattern:

Here are some samples of what you will find in both of the winter calendars

Winter themed calendar # 2: ABCD Pattern

Here is a sample of the winter holiday page.  You would find this in all three of the winter calendars, and similar pieces in my other calendars.


Winter themed calendar # 2: ABCD Pattern

Valentine/February Calendar


Here is a sample of the February calendar pieces.


FREE Winter Calendar Below

As I complete more calendar I will add them to my blog.

Please go to my TPT store to view more samples of these calendars.