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Chicka Chicka Book Boom Tree- Project 4

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree & Class Library

A couple of months ago I found a pin on Pintrest where someone had made a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Tree for her classroom.  I LOVED the idea so I made one myself.  I adapted the leaves and added coconuts to my tree.

If you have seen the other project that I made this summer you will see a pattern with my colors. :)  Here is my tree and the instructions on how to make one yourself.

Materials Needed & Instructions:

1.  a 2x2 piece of wood
2.  a board for the base ( I used left over wood from the computer tables that I made)
3.  four L brackets and screws
4.  textured spray paint
5.  carpet roll 1 or 2 depending on the size you get.
6.  brown paper bags
7.  scissors
8.  hot glue gun or E6000
9.  old sports umbrella
10.  fabric
11.  stitch glue
12.  lots of pins
13.  safety pins (hang your coconuts)
14.  wire cutters (cut & shape your umbrella/leaves & cut the wire for the coconuts)
15.  Letters to go up your coconut tree!


Tree Trunk

A.  Use your L brackets to screw the 2x2 to your board.

B.  Textured spray paint for the base.  Sorry, I did not write the information down on the paint I used.  I looks like sand when it is dried.  See the picture below.

C.  Get a cardboard tube from the inside of a carpet roll.  I called a local guy who installs carpets.  He gave me two rolls for free.  :)
D.  I glued and duck taped them together.  I wanted to be able to walk under the umbrella/leaves without the danger of poking my eye.

E.  Cut the brown paper bag.  I got mine from Kroger.
F.  Turn the bags inside out and glue them in a "tube" shape.  You will need to see what fits your carpet tube.

G.  Place them over the tube.
H.  Once they are stacked to the top squish them down, add more bags, and it will look like the trunk of a coconut tree. :)


Leaves & Coconuts:

A.   Take the material off of a large sports umbrella.
B.  Trim the umbrella spikes/rods as needed.

** Special Note-  I place my tree in a corner against a wall.  The bathroom door is around the corner from my tree.  Take your umbrella to your classroom and place it where you want your tree to go.  You do NOT want to cut off to many of the metal bars.  I did, and my tree now has two umbrellas in it. LOL

C.  I cut a straw and tied it with wire to create a base at the tip of the leaves.  This was a big help to make sure the leaves were the same width apart.

D.  Cut your fabric & attach to the rod.  I used a lot of stitch glue and some hidden pins.

*** Special Note- I did not attach these longer pieces together.  Each wire left, after trimming, had a partner for the long pieces.  I connected these longer pieces with shorter pieces of fabric. 

Example:  I glues a piece of fabric between the purple and lime green pieces that you see here in the front of the picture.  The fabric did not hang down.  It was the length of the umbrella rods.

You will notice that my tree has long and short leaves.  This is what gives it the feel of the coconut tree.

E.  Cut out large circles in your fabric for your coconuts.
F.  Make newspaper balls and wrap the fabric around the newspaper.
G.  Use a trash bag twisty tie to close and tie the fabric around the paper.

H.  Tie a piece of wire through the trash bag tie.
I.  Tie a safety pin to the end of the wire and pin it to a leaf under the tree. :)


Letters on My Tree:

I found these foam glitter letters and the foam circles at my local Michael's craft store.  The best part is that they match the stickers on My Way Home craft project.  That was the first project that I made over the summer.

Letters on My Wall:

I traced and cut out these glitter letters from foam sheets that I also got a Michael's craft store. 

Full view of my tree, class library, and our word wall.


*** Special Note- Make sure you anchor your tree to a wall in your classroom.  This will prevent it from falling.

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